28 novembre 2006

Intervista a Esam Elagh, portavoce del Sudan Liberation Army

Il Sign. Esameldin Elagh, portavoce del SLA/M, Movimento armato di liberazione del Sudan, gruppo che ha rifiutato l'accordo di pace del 5 maggio scorso tra il Governo e i ribelli, ci ha concesso un'intervista via e-mail, che pubblichiamo qui nella sua versione originale in inglese. La versione tradotta in italiano verrà pubblicata a breve su questo blog e nella newsletter. (da ItalianBlogs4Darfur)

"What about you and SLM/A?

I am about forty years old , father of three children, all are males , I was working in business mediation and tourism field , I dreamt with the revolution in Darfur since my early years in life , but it delayed until 2003 , what is important now , it`s there.

I joined SLM/A since it`s first days , and I was in Sudan when it blown , and still and will continue supporting its struggle against the regime in Khartoum to restore the rights of the people of Darfur who suffered a lot from the central mentality which governing the country since the independence of Sudan in 1956 , 1st Jan .

Why Sudan government is fighting the Darfur people, supporting janjaweed militias?

The government of Sudan is not only against the Darfur people , it`s against the whole people of Sudan descending from African ethnicity , the central government throughout the history of Sudan since independence fought the south of Sudan because they are different , African ethnics and they are Christians , then Nuba mountains , then blue nile , all because they are Africans , and now darfur , and what is happening now in darfur is not more than a reproduction operation of the crisis of the south , nuba mountains and blue nile , they fought darfur because we have asked to be treated equally with the people of the north Sudan and we have asked for our rights as human beings , because we asked for hospitals and schools for our kids , because we asked for development for our historically marginalized region, the central governments governed and governing Sudan don`t accept and respect the different in Sudan , they believe in the Arabism of the Sudan while the 80% are not arabs or arab descending , they don`t respect or confess with the diversity of the country , all should be arabs and muslims according to their views .

The janjaweed formed mainly from arab tribes , it is true not all arab tribes in darfur taking part in this militia , the government supporting them for many reasons :
- because the government couldn`t achieve any victory against our troops
- the government plant in these tribes that Africans would like to dismiss you from darfur , so the janjaweed sward not to leave any black in darfur.
- the janjaweed don`t have land in darfur , so the government promised them the land if they succeeded in evacuating darfur from blacks.

Why SLA didn't accept peace accord in May?

The accord of May can`t be named as peace accord , no one of us want the war , the losers are our people , we want peace , but the just and durable peace , we are not looking for jobs in the government ,in brief the May accord created some positions for the movements but brought nothing for the darfurians , even the positions created by the accord are without legislative and executive authorities , no guarantees for the disarmament of the janjaweed , no compensations for the victims of the humanitarian crisis created by the government and the janjaweed militias , the government according to the accord will pay 30 million USD in compensations , the IDPs and the refugees are over 3.5 million , which means 8.5 USD per person , it is a joke , 400000 persons killed by the government and the militias , scorched policy being applied , horrible atrocities being committed , and after all 8.5 USD/ person ! , also there is no any kind of oblige to the government in the accord .

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